Some Testimonies from Russia and Holland


My brother Jose Coelho and I were ministering in Russia and Holland over the past two weeks.  

(pic: Eric, Jose and Johannes--a Danish evangelist living in Moldova)

We were teaching and equipping the saints to walk in the love and glory of Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  There are some testimonies from Jose, brothers and sisters, and me that follow (mostly from Jose's Wlaking in Him blog


Russia seminar
We had great time teaching at Light of Jesus  
Church near to Moscow
Eric Wilding

April 27

Love healings Russing style. Tody at an apartment in Moscow, Jose Coelho was praying for a lady with a shoulder/arm injury. The pain decreased with a few prayers. But she felt all the pain leave immediately as he kissed her arm. It’s all about love…We saw some amazing wonders in Jesus’ name. Jose prayed for Another lady and she had her heart healed. Previously, she could not walk more than 500 meters without having to stop because her heart would race. After the prayer, she walked 3 kilometres without any problem. Glory to God.I prayed for a lady who had half of her lung removed and she could not breathe in deeply without pain and restriction. A few prayers in Jesus’ name and she could breathe normally without pain.There is a lot of glory (slava) here. it is a joy watching believers praying for others and seeing miracles and healings happen. Some of us prayed for a brother who had a hernia. We could see and feel the hernia disappearing over several minutes. Everyone at out small group gearing got touched by Holy Spirit in the midst of sharing in the relationship of Jesus with Abba.

Eric Wilding had word of knowledge about scoliosis on the waitress back, guess what ? She was overwhelmed by the power and love of God
moscow seminar 2
Eric Wilding

April 28

Jose Coelho

 gave an awesome teaching on honouring others through practice. Many people were loved by the Spirit of Honour and healed in the evening service in Moscow. People are always amazed tomes what God does through him. I am honoured to love along side of him.

Eric Wilding

April 29

Around Moscow:

Pavel Mashukov

 and some other brothers and a sister took 

Jose Coelho

 and I around Moscow (Red Square and Kremlin). These people have been so generous and graceful to us. Jose had his camera taken at a restaurant, but afterwords with blessing abounding he prayed for person after person in the subway and streets and they all expereinced healing. We went to an AIDS/HIV/TB hospital to pray for a brother. He felt all the pain that he had been experiencing leave his body–we are trusting that the HIV and TB left as well. We also prayed for some other people there. On the way out of the hospital going through the security check point, Jose asked the guard whether he had pain in his back. He prayed for him and grew his short leg. The guard was so happy he said that he hoped to see Jose again. He then confessed Jesus as Lord. Jesus win! The brothers and sisters here out of love are blessing Jose with a new camera. Slava Bogu (Glory to God)

I like to honor and thanks all the brothers and sisters who come to Russia seminar, also to all from Russia . Light of Jesus Church also the Baptist Church who had us with amazing hospitality given is hotel rooms thanks to the translators Dina you are awesome and deserve the best of God . We are Blessed to Bless i love you all see you back really soon . Jesus win always

moscow seminar 1

Razgovor S Bogom

Blessed day, Jose! Just wanted to thank you ones again for coming to Russia. And also I wanted to share a small testimony. Yesterday we took a taxi that was waiting for us (Helen and I) at the Baptist’s church bulging. The driver wasn’t Russian, but he was an orthodox ))). He didn’t know much @ Christ, so we had an opportunity to witness to him and share God’s love and then Helen asked him if he has a back pain (I got same question on my mind) but he said ‘no’, but my eye hurts. After Helen commended pain to leave, his eye became teary and swollenness was almost gone. And he kept on telling us “wow, wow, it’s amazing” ))). God loves him so much! And we feel it burning in our hearts ))). With love in Christ, Sveta. By the way, I’ll be sharing your videos with Russian subtitles on my web site soon, there is one from Paris already. There are videos of Pete Cabrera too. Pls, let him know, that we love his teachings! So simple, but mind changing.

Andrey Baburin

May 1


Jose Coelho

Pavel Werth

Eric Wilding

 so much ! Just before my return to Moscow from Zelenograd from seminar, I asked to pray on clothes for my friend’s mother. So we did it, in tongues. When I came to her home, she was into near death condition. A very sad picture. Blurred eyes, skin color almost black, speaking delirium… I put the clothes on her and prayed intensely. 3 hours, ’cause giving up is not an option. Right then, something happened – she puked some substance out ! And delirium gone ! And eyes started shining, and skin color is back to normal !Today I called her son to check condition – she picked up the phone and was speaking as normal, Praise God ! Yay !!!!!!! Such a blessing to be a part of seminar with Jose Coelho and Eric Wilding, encouraging and edifying the church.

Seminar again this afternoon with Jose Coelho and Eric Wilding. They bring a great message about God’s love, mercy and healing. Except that they themselves God’s love with wonders and signs they learn also how we in the us are allowed to walk in this seminars. Check info on

Liberation Day in Holland. It was an awesome day where we are staying in Holland.Jose Coelho gave an amazing message at the Young and Free Church then praying for people, seeing people set free. A great Brazilian BBQ with church family. Then I was with a youth group for teaching and equipping. We saw people touched by the power of Holy Spirit and some amazing miracles. One young lady felt her hip, which had been operated upon, move into place in its socket and another had her bent fingers straightened. Enjoying our final hours in Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit in this wonderful country. I am so thankful for the hospitality of and will miss my brothers and sisters in the Netherlands.

We had amazing time today in Amersfoort – Holland at Young and Free church Gospel shared teachings released , people activated healing , deliverance happen with powerful love of God released thanks to Young and Free church for believe in the message of the gospel we carry .

Lots of fun, teaching, words of knowledge , miracles and healings with this group of amazing sisters in Holland last night.

Last night in this meeting we had nice help from Angelical send by Heaven on this room last night powerful testimony’s and healing like muscle growing , and knees and bones moving twisting and relocated on right place again , I guess was supernatural knee replaced . Powerful gospel of loving God

Karen van den Bergh

May 3

eric teaching at amersfoort

It was a great afternoon

Eric Wilding


Jose Coelho

 thanks for the seminar in out church you’re blessed to be a blessing

Jose Coelho


Grace is unconditional love of God towards us the real thing 


 Jesus win !!

after seminar Holland
Jose Coelho


Eric Wilding yea trinity eternal love

Tessa van Waardenburg

Shalom Jose! Last week I met you in Holland, during a heartwarming seminar in Amersfoort. There you prayed fire over me. I want you to now that this made an impact on me that I will take with me. I come from a spiritual background without Jesus and the fire of God is something I’ve been agraid of for years. Now I do realise that it is something beautifull and not scary at all when it’s in Jesus! Thank you!


While we were outside the meeting hall (in the photo above), we prayed for a man who was struggling with some demonic oppression.  Here is a testimony of what a sister, who is a seer, saw:

Nadia Hazeleger-Nellestein

Hi Eric! ... I saw you praying for the man. I kept a close distance and I prayed in tongues. The man was manifesting. On a certain moment I saw a dark cloud coming out of his mouth. It kept on coming out and then it turned white. On the moment it turned white the manifesting was over. The man stood straight and then you hugged him. It was over.

Here is a testimony from another sister who was at the youth meeting that we had in Holland:

Deborah Mekking

Dear Eric,

I wanted to thank you again, for what you did on the youth last Sunday in Holland. Thank you so much for showing us how great and amazing our God and Father in heaven really is. Everybody had a amazing evening and were so enthusiastic. Some of the people who were there that evening, are really stepping out in faith. So has Marloes (she was the blond girl who had pain in her knees when she stand a lot) prayed for her best friend, and her legs get even. Ruben (the boy with the metal in his elbow) prayed for his little brother and also his legs get even. It happened while his mother was watching. Ruben was a little bit sceptic about healing. And although his elbow did not get healed, he had seen enough to step out and let the Holy Spirit use him to help his brother. And Bryan (the boy who is in Uganda now) was checking everybody his arms when he was outside, and they all got even when the where not at first. Our God is really amazing. You where a gift from God to us, and I thank Him for that.

I bless you in Jesus name! Lots of love, Deborah

Ps. About the vision Bryan had for Femke (the girl in the hospital) about the angel in her room. The room was exactly like he saw it in his vision! I believe the Holy Spirit has really great plans for these boys and girls.

We saw so many amazing miracles and healings on the journey.  People were set free from all kinds of conditions and oppressions. There was miracle after miracle in the church services, lots of bones moving into place.  Many encountered the radical love of Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit as well as visions and angelic visitations.  The hospitality and love of the people that we stayed with and met was a great joy of the trip.

Coelho and ew in Amsterdam
Coelho and ew in Amsterdam

Jose Coelho continues the journey next  in the UK this weekend, expecting greater time releasing the love of God .

Up to learn and step out and sharing God’s love???? The most exciting things happen when we step outside of the walls of the church… and put to practise those words that are in the bible… sharing God’s love to people and seeing people get healed!  Jose Coelho is in the UK next weekend (11/12th May 2013). He is in Fareham on the South Coast, itinerary as below. Please share and let us know if you can make it.Saturday 11th May 8am – Breakfast meeting at the Bluebird Cafe, Lee-on-Solent, PO13 9LL2pm – Meet up in Fareham Town Centre next to bandstand before . We’ll start next to Caffe Nero, 54 West St, Fareham PO16 0JNSunday 12th May 10.30am – Living WORD Fareham, Jose Coelho preaching ‘Christ in us the hope of glory’ followed by healing – bring any sick folk along. Building is at 22 Catisfield Lane, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 5NN – the building, the Catisfield memorial hall, is situated behind three houses – look out for the ‘Living Word’ banner.Look forward to seeing you there – any questions please ask!Thanks Dave Savage for organising in London . Will be amazing… God will touch people with his love.