A Parent's Love

How much do you love your child? How much would you do for your child?

Would you give your life for your child?

Would you ever abandon your child?

Would you leave your child in torment--even if your child abandoned you?

Would you leave your child to the very ones who were confusing, abusing and tormenting your child?

Would you ever stop loving and pursuing your child?

No, no, no, no, no!!!!!

You would go to the ends of the earth to lay down your life to free your child.

You would even go into hell to rescue your child and bring your child home.

If this is the love you have as a parent (or potential parent) for your child, how much greater is the love of Abba, the heavenly Father, for His children?

Anyone who thinks that he/she could have a greater love and goodness than Abba, has not clearly known Him.

The estimations that we have made about Abba's love, grace and goodness are an understatements.

Enjoy your Abba, Daddy!  He loves you more than He loves Himself.

(Amos Webskowski and Eric Wilding, Alberta dialogues about Abba)