Milk Drunk Love

A brother and I were talking while at a restaurant, and he asked me what faith, trust and resting looks like. Holy Spirit nudged me to look just over the brother’s shoulder. I saw and said, “It looks like that”, and pointed him toward what we then saw together. There about 4 meters away was a mother who was looking at her young child in the stroller. The mother and child’s attention was each on the other. The brother and I looked at each other and silently nodded.

Then Holy Spirit gave me an image, and I started to describe:

Have you ever seen a baby who is milk drunk? When a baby is breast feeding and not worrying about anything else, at some point she gets so full of milk that she is drunk. The high baby is only focused on the milk from her mother’s breast and the love from her mother’s face. The baby rolls back and forth between the euphoria from both suckling, “yumyumyumyum,” and seeing, “aaaaaahhhhhh!” From all this goodness, the baby usually falls blissfully asleep on mummy’s breast.

Trust, faith and rest all looks like that!

We rest on El Shaddai (the Sustainer, ‘the Breasted One’). God provides all that we need; we just drink deep and rest joyfully in El Shaddai. God smiles at His children as they enjoy this milk drunk love.

“Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!” (Psalm 38:4).