Conversation Hijackers vs. Craic Addicts

There are people who I, jokingly, call "conversation hijackers (C.H.)."  These people are discussion terrorists, who will take control of a dialogue and turn it into a monologue.

Over the years, I have come to understand that the conversation hijacker is usually filled with feelings of fear, powerlessness and loneliness. The C.H. needs to be in control through the use of an excess of words. The words are used to show that the C.H. is in control, to say that the C.H. is powerful, and to keep people around the C.H. in order to avoid loneliness.

The good news is that conversation hijackers can be converted. They can turn toward those that they are with and see them as not things to be controlled and coerced through words, but as persons to be loved by sharing words.

Good craic/crack (meaning, 'enjoyable conversation' in Irish, Scottish & N. English tongues) is an art.  It is fellowship of being with, turning toward your beloved friend in face-to-face delight--often over a drink. It is speaking and listening, giving and receiving, blessing and being blessed, valuing and being valued. It is the joy of being together and enjoying each other. It is sharing good news.

I have suffered through the hell of being held hostage in a corner by conversation hijackers, But I have blissed to heaven in the cloud of craic addicts.

The divine life is speaking and listening. Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit are communion, communication and fellowship. It is the highest craic in the universe. And we are included in the conversation, sharing in the dancing dialogue.

If you are in need of conversion, just ask Holy Spirit: Lord, I thank you for turn me from being a conversation hijacker into being a craic addict!

See we are surrounded by so great a cloud of craic addicts!