What The Hell?

Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit has a wonderful way of leaving some issues vague, especially related to eschatology (the last things, including judgement and hell).

And some may wonder, 'What the hell? Why are these issues not as clear as I would make them!'

The Author of and Finisher of our faith has a master purpose for making certain issues deliciously ambiguous.  Jesus did this throughout his teachings.  He drove the scribes, Pharisees--and at times even His own disciples--mad.  These people took their eyes off of Him and put them on their doctrines and speculations.

The lack of clarity in revelation is its own revelation.  It reveals human hearts.  The darkness of eschatology does not reveal the darkness in God's heart but in those who are morbidly fascinated by it. 

An over emphasis on and systematization of eschatology, as with most speculative issues, are divisive distractions preventing people from living out their present fullness of union and love in Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  

Embrace the glory of living in the mystery of the Trinity!  It's all good.