Praise and Worship Conjuring

It seems that some conjurings, seances and channelling are more effective in getting spirits to move than in most Christian worship services. The spirits are quicker to respond to the summoning than the Holy Spirit.

So the worshippers "Cry aloud," and seem to think, "Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened." Louder, longer, more, more, more...

Perhaps the silence could be be due to the truth that the Holy Spirit recognizes the presuppositions behind these praise and worship services is all to similar to conjurings, seances, channelling and Baal-summoning; and for Him to move would be to reinforce their wrong-headed-pagan-notions. Come Spirit...???

True Christian praise and worship does not start with the separation between the physical and the spiritual--between God and humanity. It starts and continues with union between the physical and spiritual between God and humanity. It is a continual fellowship in the glory of the Personal presence of Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Although we may experience Them in a new way in praise and worship as we let go of ourselves, God has already come in Christ; we are united to Him and become more aware of Him.

We don't have to crawl through various stages to come to God. He has already come to us. We do not have to beg Him to move, He is always moving in and around us seated in Christ in Abba by Holy Spirit. We are always seated in the heavenly atmosphere of praise and worship; we just join in what is already and always flowing. We join the praise and worship of Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Praise and worship is being with and in our Beloved, sharing in the love of Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit. As we continue to actively rest in Him, we will experience the glory of His love in deeper and deeper ways.

Always enjoying the praise and worship glory...