All Saints

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.(Revelation 22:21) This is the last verse in the Bible. It seems most likely that the last words are significant. Earlier verses in this chapter gave warnings about taking away from or adding to the words of the prophecy. Nevertheless, no one cannot take away from or add to the limitless grace of the Lord Jesus, either by the one's belief or unbelief. Some manuscripts record this verse saying "be with all," others have " with you all," and still others "be with all the saints." Of these three readings, which is most difficult theologically for many Christians? The difficult reading is most likely the original text, since other variant readings would not try to create a difficulty but clarify it to be consistent with their theology. Surely, of the three readings, "the grace of the Lord Jesus be with all" is the most difficult, for it seems to show that His grace is for all people. The other two readings seem to limit that grace to the readers or to the believers/holy ones in Jesus. But even if the words "with you" or "with all the saints" were added as clarifiers, the irony is that they also may show the limitless grace of Jesus. What if His grace has saved and sanctified all, but especially those who read and believe. We cannot separate the identity of the Lord Jesus from His acts. There is no separation between who God is and what He does. He is the Lord who rules. He is Saviour who saves. He is Sanctifier who sanctifies. He is not a potential Lord, Saviour and Sanctifier. Jesus Christ was, is and will be all these since He had, has, and will have done all of these for all. Revelation's ultimate unveiling is the glorious gospel for all persons. Every sinner has been made a saint, and they may have not known, read, heard, or accepted that the Lord Jesus has done this for and to them by His grace. Some may stubbornly stand outside the gates resisting Jesus' rule, salvation and sanctification of their lives, but the gates are open and all are invited in to come and drink. The good news of grace ends the Bible: Jesus has done it all for all! Amen! Blessed All Saints Day--everyone, everyday! Thank You, Jesus!